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FutureClass is an ideal platform to connect students with teachers in all relevant subjects in Malaysia.

FutureClass is a one-stop centre which employ the use of high-tech interactive app to simplify and enhance teaching and learning, physically and virtually, within a community of Malaysian students and teachers.

Whether in person or online, our teachers always go the extra mile to provide holistic, enjoyable and effective lessons to help students achieve a marked improvement in examinations. Dear parents, your children’s future is in your hand. Start their learning journey with us today. Register now for free membership for life. Join FutureClass today!

School Syllabus (KSSR, KSSM & Cambridge Aligned)

All subjects from primary to secondary

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Interactive & Easy to use


Teachers can use FutureClass to conduct their lessons, assign homework and keep track of each student’s progress effortlessly.

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Students find the best teachers/learning programmes which meet their learning needs.

Enjoy the privilege to access high-tech interactive app developed by FutureClass to maximise learning outcomes in a fun way.

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Busy parents, especially working parents, can monitor their children’s homework and have their children’s academic progress at their fingertips in a single FutureClass account.

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Online School

All our courses are conducted online in our online school. This lets you study from anywhere, also have access to your study material anytime you need it. Learn more about our online school.

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